Photo Credit: Connecticut State Police

Kelly is an experienced law enforcement officer, who is also a strong media and public relations, community outreach, and social media professional.


Kelly has a demonstrated history of varied law enforcement experience having worked on both the local and state level, and is highly skilled in public speaking, social media and recruitment practices.


Kelly is a Connecticut State Trooper who was assigned as a public information officer for nine years. Due to her assignment in the public information office, Kelly is ‘camera-ready’ and experienced in writing press releases, coordinating press conferences, conducting award and promotional ceremonies, and providing on-camera and radio interviews for breaking news, press conferences, public service announcements (PSAs), safety messages and routine news stories. 


Kelly has also served as a panelist at forums on a wide variety of topics, and as a keynote and guest speaker at high schools and colleges, businesses and trade conferences. The topics she mainly discusses are safety, public and community relations, media relations and the use of social media as a tool for law enforcement. Kelly's experience includes teaching media relations and social media classes to businesses, State of Connecticut agencies, law enforcement agencies and fire departments.


 Kelly's skills extend to creating content for social media as not only one of the ways to meet the recruiting challenge facing law enforcement today, but to highlight the Connecticut State Police and create transparency in an effort for the public to have a better understanding of the state police and law enforcement in general.

Kelly graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, and shortly thereafter entered the field of law enforcement.

Following her assignment to the public information office, Kelly found her niche, and obtained a Master's Degree in Strategic Communication and Public Relations from Sacred Heart University.

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